ARISTA Honor Society Executive Board


Faculty Co-Advisors: Ms. Zhu & Ms. Ascher

President: Kushmeet Kaur

Vice President: Danny Yang

Secretary: Catherine Lee

Treasurer: Soung Youn Cho

Junior Executive: Tajwaar Kalam

National Honor Society

ARISTA is for Junior and Senior Students Only

ARISTA, the National Honor Society, is an organization consisting of students who demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding character and commitment to community service.

Membership in ARISTA, the National Honor Society, is one of the highest honors awarded to a high school student. Selection is based upon careful consideration of a student's scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Membership carries with it a responsibility and an obligation to demonstrate these qualities inside and outside of school.

All ARISTA members must complete a minimum of 60 hours of community service. They must remain in good standing (academic and disciplinary) to continue being a part of this organization. Some of the community service can be completed in the school by participating in peer tutoring, assisting in open house, parent-teacher conferences, high school fairs and other school events.

Requirements for Admission into ARISTA:

  1. You must have a passing grade in ALL subjects.
  2. You must have an average of at least 93% or above (starting with the 2022 graduating class and beyond).
  3. You must pass all Regents Exams.
  4. You much have a clean Dean's record.
  5. You must be able to articulate how you demonstrate the pillars of ARISTA.

Contact Information
Advisor: Ms. Zhu and Ms. Ascher
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]