CUNY Transcripts & AP Scores

CUNY Transcripts & AP Scores 


If you have earned college credits from CUNY York you need to request your college transcript from York and have them sent to the college you are attending in September. QHSS cannot provide you with a CUNY College transcript. Your CUNY transcripts must be sent directly from CUNY to your college. You do not have to go to York to place an order and if you did they would not hand you the transcript right then and there. Therefore you will not see the transcript unless you order an unofficial copy, which good to have. This a standard procedure followed by all colleges & universities in the USA.


You must do this as soon as possible so that the college you are attending will have time to evaluate your CUNY transcript and transfer those credits into their system and count those credits towards your degree. You want to have this done at least two months in advance of your first advising session so your new college advisor does not program you for the courses you took at CUNY.


To order your CUNY transcript go here: This web page will explain what you need to do and advise you of any fees they may charge for this service. Be sure to print any confirmation page that pops up when you are done placing your order just in case there is a problem.


Regarding AP Credits. Many colleges including SUNY & CUNY will accept a score of 3 or better and will grant you college credit for those AP Classes. Some colleges will only accept scores of 4 and 5, and some will not accept them at all. You will need to search their website for their policy on Advance Placement credit. Your AP scores must be transmitted directly from your account to the college you are attending in the fall.


Feel free to contact Mr. I at [email protected] before 6/29/21 with any questions you may have