Student Clubs (2020-2021)


We are happy to announce that clubs will start next Friday, December 11th.
This year, clubs will be divided into two categories: Friday clubs and Non-Friday clubs.


As you probably would've guessed by now, Friday clubs will host meetings on Fridays, after school. Non-Friday clubs, on the other hand, will have custom schedules! Some might not even meet weekly ;) (stay tuned for more info!)
Make sure to check out the presentation to see what your options are.

Students can join only one Friday Club, but there is no limit on how many Non-Friday clubs one can join. So, if you choose to join a few Non-Friday clubs on top of your Friday club, it's your responsibility to manage your time properly!
Anyways, on Monday, December 7th, we will send out the club-ranking form for Friday Clubs. We will also send out additional e-mails with interest forms for Non-Friday clubs! Make sure you don't miss out! B).
SGO <3.
Student Government Organization
Queens High School for the Sciences at York College