ARISTA Honor Society Executive Board


Faculty Advisor: Ms. Zhu

President: Tajwaar Kalam

Vice President: Omesh Persaud

Secretary: Aaliyah Idowu

Treasurer: Sara Mustafa

Junior Executive: Rachel Hahm

National Honor Society

ARISTA is for Junior and Senior Students Only

ARISTA, the National Honor Society, is an organization consisting of students who demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding character and commitment to community service.

Membership in ARISTA, the National Honor Society, is one of the highest honors awarded to a high school student. Selection is based upon careful consideration of a student's scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Membership carries with it a responsibility and an obligation to demonstrate these qualities inside and outside of school.

All ARISTA members must complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service. They must remain in good standing (academic and disciplinary) to continue being a part of this organization. Some of the community service can be completed in the school by participating in peer tutoring, assisting in open house, parent-teacher conferences, high school fairs and other school events.

Requirements for Admission into ARISTA:

  1.  Uphold the four pillars of ARISTA: scholarship, leadership, service, and character
  2.  Pass all subjects
  3. Ninety eight (98) or above cumulative average for all future inductees who were admitted to the school starting in 2021 and thereafter.
  4. Ninety three (93) for current members and the 2023 inductees.
  5.  Must complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service per year  
    - 25 hours of community service per semester  
    - 10 of these hours per semester must be from the QHSS Peer Mentoring Program     with QHSS lower-class scholars
  6.  Attend all ARISTA events and meetings; a doctor or medical note must be provided and approved by the ARISTA advisor in case your child has to miss a meeting
  7. Have no disciplinary record; please know that any incident of academic integrity or violation of DASA will count for the dismissal of both ARISTA members and prospective inductees because either of those violates the pillars of ARISTA
  8. Pay a lifetime membership fee of $50 as a junior  

Contact Information
Advisor: Ms. Zhu
Email: [email protected]